A quick guide to choosing the right caterer for your wedding

A quick guide to choosing the right caterer for your wedding

Have you ever received a wedding invitation then started to imagine all the delicious food and drinks that you’re going to have at the reception? Well, we don’t blame you. We tend to think with our stomachs first and forget the joy of the marriage of a family member or a friend. Let’s be honest here, their marriage might be the main event, but the food at the reception comes in at a close second.

A wedding requires plenty of planning and preparations.  A huge part of it revolves around ensuring you and your guests have a great time. When you find yourself a caterer but can’t decide on the menu that will work best for you, we have a quick guide to choosing the right catering for your wedding.


Sit down meals

Sit down meals are more traditional but also the most popular form of wedding catering. Sit down menus give your guests a more intimate feel and it will also ensure your guests get their fill while enjoying superb flavors. The multiple courses served is an excellent way to give organization to the event, while the timelessness and sophistication of this option match the significance of the event.


If you still want your guests to feel satisfied and enjoy a meal but don’t want the formality of a sit-down dinner, a buffet is a good option. It’s best for smaller events so that it won’t create a long line. It also gives your guests the opportunity of helping themselves to a wide array of choices.


Cocktail type catering has gained popularity in weddings. It works wonderfully for casual receptions because it exudes a laid-back feel and will also work well for receptions that are short on time. This is also an excellent choice if your guests just want to have fun and skip the formalities of the first dance. Canapes are great because it lets your guests interact with each other without starving them.


If you want the most straightforward and simplest option, platters might be the perfect choice for you. They might not be as elegant as a sit-down meal or as classy as canapes, but they can still provide food for your guests without the help of any service staff. Platters are popular with wedding receptions where the budget is a priority.

At the end of the day, the choice will still be up to you. Just think about how you want your event to turn out then ask for the assistance of your caterer. They will advise you on what will work best for your wedding. Whatever type of catering you choose, your guests will still thank you for having them at your wedding and keeping them well fed.

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