How far in advance do i need to book my catered event in Adelaide.

How far in advance do i need to book my catered event in Adelaide.

Do you have a big event coming up? Do you know which caterer you’re going to get? When is your event going to happen? How are you preparing for this big day? Hiring an Adelaide catering business to organize the whole event might be the smartest thing to do. But when should you book one? Most of the experienced and established caterers are booked at least a year in advance. Although some caterers will still be available to handle your event even with a few weeks’ notice, it’s still a good idea to book them at least a year before the event. This is to also ensure that you are going to get the venue, date or any extra equipment that you want.

Planning your event ahead of time saves you from worrying if your caterer will be able to prepare the food for your 100 guests just in time. Wedding catering is the most popular type of event. It is not uncommon to see venues booked 2 years ahead of time. Elaborate events like these also require clients to talk to their caterers in advance to plan out the menu, hire a florist and then seek out a good photographer to make sure this once in a lifetime event is captured. So where do you begin? You could ask your friends and family for their recommendation. The internet is also a good place to find and research about the caterer that you want to hire. Before hiring a catering company, you may want to ask for a reference so you will have an idea of what to expect.

Now you’re ready to book a caterer and after doing some research, you have finally found the perfect caterer for your event. So what’s next? You give them a call and provide them with the details. They are going to create a menu for you and they’ll present you with options on how you want your meals to be served. These are some of the options.

  1. Buffet Style

Buffet style is the most popular option. Your guests line up and serve themselves. The meals are set on a long table and your guests will easily see the food that they can choose from. Buffet style meals also doesn’t require a lot of servers.

  1. Sit-down Dinner

This option is more expensive than buffets. It requires more wait staff to serve meals to the guests on their tables. This also gives your guests at least two menus to choose from.

  1. Food Stations

Tables are placed on different areas of the venue. Each of these table can have a different theme or menu laid out. Like buffets, guests also serve themselves. This is the perfect option if you are a fan of various cuisines.

  1. Hors d’oeuvres

Hors d’oeuvres is another great option. A wait staff can pass it around to the guests or set it at table throughout the venue so the guests could serve themselves. These are small dishes that are usually served before the main part of a meal.

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