Benefits of hiring Spit Roast Catering

Spit roasting is the art of roasting big pieces of meat such as the whole of the ribs or even roasting the whole of a smaller animal such a goat. Today, most spit roasting is done using rotisserie ovens, but roaring fire is also used. These big pieces of meat are held intact using a roasting spit, which is actually a metallic skewer that is pushed through the meat or animal. It is used to turn the animal being roasted to ensure the meat cooks evenly. At times, metallic roasting spits may not be used. Alternatively, wooden spits are used especially for outdoor barbecues. These wooden spits are however treated so as not to burn as meat cooks.

Spit roast catering use many methods to roast their meat. The most popular method is whereby a roasting spit is pushed through the animal and suspends the meat in a horizontal position. In this position, the horizontal spit is revolved slowly by slowly letting the side of the meat facing the roaring fire to cook. However, for even cooking, the animal should be split open before being placed on the roasting spit. This ensures that even the meat deep within the animal is reached by the heat and cooks. However, if you do not split open the carcass, you will likely serve your guests partly uncooked meat as the heat from the roaring fire or the rotisserie ovens will not be adequate to reach deep inside the animal. These many methods are out to ensure customer satisfaction, besides you get what you want.

Are you planning to host a party? Do you plan to have some roast beef, pork, bacon, mutton, chicken or any meat? Well, if you are planning to roast some meat during a party, it would be great to consider hiring spit roast catering. Spit roast catering is known for its quality barbecues that will make your guests lick their fingers and enjoy every moment of it. You should know that food and drinks served in a party is what makes or breaks a party. Should you not serve good food, it could prove that you aren’t a good party organiser. To get more information about Adelaide Catering, you can browse our website.  You can get important information such as recipes for different types of roast meat – a feature to help improve your cooking.