Adelaide Catering Guide: What Sauces Go With What Meats

Adelaide Catering Guide: What Sauces Go With What Meats

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At Gormanidser BBQS we are Adelaide’s number 1 catering company.  This guide should help you decide what sauces go with what meats.

If you’re a real meat enthusiast, then you would understand that incredibly satisfying juicy first bite. It doesn’t matter if it’s fried, baked, or cooked on the barbecue, meat should always be prepared and cooked well so its amazing flavor and aroma will come out.

Steaks are the most popular type of meat. Some people will prefer it to be medium rare, medium well or even well done. It is also commonly paired with red wine. If you choose to eat at a restaurant, your server may suggest a specific red wine with the steak that you have ordered. But what sauce goes well with steak? Like with wine, there is a sauce that goes perfectly with steak. With this in mind, choosing the right sauce to pair with a certain type of meat is important to help enhance the flavor of the dish.

So next time you plan on ordering steak at a restaurant or even just simple pork chops at home, this will help you have an idea on which sauce helps improve the flavor of your dish.


Aside from being packed with protein, chicken is also the most versatile type of meat. It can be paired with numerous variety of sauces and spices due to its plain flavor. It can absorb the flavor of the seasoning or sauce easily. You can either pair it with the usual gravy or you can be creative and make your own sauce!


Pork is the second most versatile source of protein next to chicken. It is commonly paired with sauces that has a rich flavor like barbecue sauce. A great example of this is pulled pork which is rapidly gaining popularity in Australia. It is essentially pork that is grilled, pulled apart and then mixed in a sweet barbecue sauce. It is a sure hit for those who are fond of American food.


Chicken might be packed with protein but certain types of fish has omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart. Although both can be easily paired up with any sauce, fish goes amazingly well with sauces that has citrus and herbs. This is the most popular sauce because this combo livens up the dish and gives it that fresh taste.

Red Meat

You might want to consider sauces that will complement the rich flavor of the meat. It would also be a great idea to pair it with a full-bodied red wine to highlight the flavor of the meat as well. Choose a sauce that would not over power the dish like the classic bearnaise sauce. It is made with butter, egg yolks and herbs that would definitely bring out the elegant flavor of any red meat.

These are just some suggested sauce pairings to consider next time you enjoy your favorite type of protein. You can always experiment and try to pair that pork chop with a light and tangy sauce. It will always be up to you and what you think tastes best. Never be afraid to try and test different pairings.

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